$240 Financier Rank!

240.00 USD

The Financier rank grants you the benefits from all lower level ranks including Donor, Contributor, Endorser, Backer, Supporter, and Investor.

The following benefits are unique to the Financier Rank:

- Sit on Chairs

Donatorsย can sit on stair blocks, which gives you fun ways to socialize.

- Reserved Slot

Even if the server is full, donatorsย can always connect to the server, which is incredibly useful during mid-day with the server is constantly full.

- Hats

Financiers can wear blocks as hats by typing the "/hat" command.

- Changeable Nickname

Financier can change their in-game nickname with the "/nick" command, which is a fun way to express your personality or play with a persona.

- Unique /shoulder emote

Financier can activate a snazzy emote "/shoulder" to brush your shoulder off and brag to your friends.

- Colored Chat

Financier can chat in color by using any standard color codes when typing, allowing fun new ways to express themselves in chat!

- Unique "Coins" Emote

Taunt your friends and enemies by shaking a bag of coins at them with "/coins".

- Priest Duties

Investors and up can marry other players together, which is an often needed service in this loving community.