Hero Tunic, Sword an

14.95 USD

Hero Tunic, Sword and Shield Glamour Bundle:


The Hero's Tunic glamour bundle is a recognizable tribute to the Legend of Zelda games. The tunic glamour sheets can be used on leather armor, which means it can be dyed to match your favorite version of the tunic; Goron's Tunic and Zora's tunic for example. The Mastersword glamour lets you bring this classic design with you, which pairs well with the Hylian Shield.


What is in this pack?


This glamour pack gives you 12 Hero's Tunic glamour sheets which can be applied to any leather armor set, 2 Mastersword glamour sheets which can be applied to any diamond sword, and a cosmetic "Hylian Shield" to complete the entire set.


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What are Glamours?:


Glamours are cosmetic items you can imprint into an item to change its appearance. They are consumed on use but last forever.


How do I use them?:


To add a Glamour to an item,  you must first use a Glamour Prism on it, creating an empty glamour slot. You can do this by adding your item to the top of a furnace, and a Glamour Prism on the bottom as fuel. This will instantly add a glamour slot to your item if it is valid.


Where do I get Glamour Prisms?:


You can get Glamour Prisms here, on our e-store.


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