Vamira, Gift of Even

28.95 USD

Vamira, Gift of the Eventide is an ancient vampiric symbiotic entity that has taken the shape of a staff, only to be wielded by the most fearsome and... let's say "morally flexible" wielders of magic.Β 

Vamira is a sentient staff, designed to be used by elemental mages.

(Vamira has a unique texture in the official Vox resource pack)

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Sentient items level up as you use them, increasing their stats, enchantments, and attributes, starting at level 1 and maxing out at level 50. At max level, this sentient will receive one of several exclusive socket enhancements, giving it a unique twist.

They also whisper to you and have unique personalities. This is truly a one of a kind tool.

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