Complete VoxBox Sept

45.75 USD

This pack contains the complete September 2022 VoxBox collection

Current Series 92: September 2022 (Game Changers)


The VoxBox is the greatest thing ever to be invented! Purchasing a VoxBox will guarantee you 7 or more items from a pool of brand new, totally unique and rare items including Vox Trading cards! That's right, you can now hunt down and collect cards (maps) with artwork and even find foil cards. You are going to want to collect em' all.

Every VoxBox you or someone else gets is totally unique! The items you receive are different every time.


How many items do you get from a VoxBox?:

ย 7 items from a possible pool of typically 5 Items and 30 Cards. 2 Toy/Collectible items, 1 Emote or Title, and 4 card items.

Can youย see exactly which items come in a VoxBox?:

No.ย The items in a VoxBox are a mystery every month, but trust us when we say it's definitely worth it. If you aren't sure, ask around to other players, we guarantee they will have nothing but amazing things to say about it.

Do youย keep the items forever?:

Yes! well, sort of. Collectible toys and other misc items are yours forever, as long as you don't break or lose them. Trails, mini-pets and emotes are yours forever and ever!

Do you get the same items every time you buy one?:

Nope! Every time you purchase a VoxBox each month, you will receive a random selection of items and cards from a pool of potential items and cards for that month. You might get a duplicate every now and again, but it's always random!

Can you buy more than one a month?:

Absolutely. In fact, it's impossible to collect every item within a VoxBox without getting several of them.

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